Our Story

Our Story

Undies.com is Fashion at the First Layer.


What does it mean?

Fashion at the first layer is our brand's point of view. It's how we approach each collection. We are a small group with roots in the fashion industry. We understand design, fabric, manufacturing, sourcing, fit and function. We know that what you put next to your skin is important, and we believe those important pieces should reflect your style and help you to feel wonderful, not unsatisfied and uncomfortable. We also understand that fashion is more than anything, a feeling. How you feel about yourself, and how you connect your style to it is personal. It's Intimate. 


Our Intention.

Many of the coveted brands we as a team obsess over are priced well beyond what most people can afford. Money and great taste aren't mutually exclusive. People have budgets, and we get that- we admire that. We know how beautiful garments look, feel and fit, just like so many of our customers. We just can't or won't sacrifice everyday necessities to have them. Undies.com is dedicated to bringing quality, fit and fashion at a price we can be proud of direct to you. 



We have the benefit of having access to the some of the same manufacturing partners as the prestige brands we admire. We also have the opportunity to bring scale, sophisticated design and quality to this brand through the network our small team has been able to build. Short answer, gorgeous, quality intimates don't have to be that expensive, and we don't want them to be.


Why Us?

We know we aren't the only brand trying to do this. We do feel we are at an advantage, we are all women. We wear what we design, and we know when it does and doesn't work. We don't design "costumes" for special occasions, we design special pieces that can live in your real life. We aren't telling you how to be or how to look. We think our customer is perfectly capable of being, feeling or looking however he or she pleases. Bottom line, we love beautiful things that feel great, and we understand what it takes to deliver the look and feel of a luxury item.


At Undies.com we are very grateful. We love what we do, and we wear what we design. We want the same for you.