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A Few FYI's We Think Every Woman Should Know.

Your bra shouldn't hurt, sounds very reasonable. However, more than half of us are wearing the wrong bra size. Here is a quick way to check to see if in fact your bra isn't the best fit. 

  • The obvious, it hurts
  • It rides up in the back
  • You can't fit 2 fingers comfortably between the band and your skin
  • You can fit 3 or more fingers comfortably between the band and your skin
  • There is a gap between you and the center gore of your bra
  • The cup gaps at your upper bust
  • The cup is straining at the upper bust

So, we know what you are thinking, if my bra was this uncomfortable I wouldn't be wearing it. Well, take a minute. It may not be all that uncomfortable, it just may NOT be doing its job. Your bra is there to support you, not just hang out. 

Now for all of you that rolled your eyes because you know how your bra should fit, let's fill the other 70% of us in. It fits if:

  • Your sizing is correct if you can fit 2 fingers between the band and your skin
  • The center gore of your bra sits flat agains your skin
  • No bulging at the top, side or back
  • No gapping at the top of your cup
  • No sagging at the front
  • No indentations at the shoulder from a too tight strap
  • No slipping from straps that are too loose

It's important to know that the band of a bra does nearly 80% of the heavy lifting, not the straps, so knowing your size is essential to both a comfortable and supportive fit. Now, if you aren't sure your wearing the right size, check out our size guide.


  • The same bra shouldn't be worn multiple days in a row. We aren't saying this so you'll buy more we promise. The truth is, if you think of elastic like a muscle, working it too hard day-after-day will strain it and it isn't going to snap back.
  • Ideally you should have a few bras in rotation, in order to help keep elastic fresh, wash in cold water to shock the fibers, and air dry. 
  • Fabric has a memory, so chances are even if you do have a little shrinkage after washing, once you put it on it will stretch to your shape.
  • Colorful cotton is especially prone to shrinkage, so choose a cold water setting and dry on the lowest possible heat setting.

That's all for now, we continuously update this page so pop back over from time-to-time to see what's new to stay in the know.